Mekarn II project – Reserch call for 2015


Improving Livelihood and Food Security of the People in the Lower Mekong Basin through Climate Change Mitigation The MEKARN II project, financed by Sida, Sweden, will provide support for research related to the Sustainable Use of Tropical Resources for Agriculture and the Environment.
Competitive grants will be available for 20 to 30 research projects annually. The first research call is open now for researchers in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam. *
Instructions for preparation of projects, and a copy of the application form, are available on the MEKARN II Web site. II/Mekarn-1.html
The final date for submission of projects is 30 April 2015. Proposals should be submitted as attachments in Microsoft Word (version 1997-2003) to the following email address:
The outcome of the review process will be communicated to project leaders on 22 June 2015.
Research Funds for approved projects will be made available by 30 June 2015.
Major objectives of the MEKARN II project are:

  • To reduce environmental pollution and promote production and use of energy f-rom renewable resources by smallholder farm families and agro-processing plants in the project target area
  • To promote improved animal health by use of natural products as al-ternatives to anti-microbial drugs and similar feed additives in livestock and aquaculture
  • To increase profitability and sustainability of small-holder farming systems in the lower Mekong basin through management and better use of local feed and animal genetic resources

Research proposals should address one or other of these three general objectives.

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